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What does a consult cost?

  • I work with a donation method. This means you can giving me a donation afterwards, you can decide the amount.
How can animal communication help?

There are as many reasons for doing an animal communication as there are animals and their people.

  • Our animals talk to us all the time. Most of the time they say it with their bodies. Just think about a wagging of a dog tail, contented purring or the miaow of a cat, or the singing of a bird. But sometimes they need to say more. And that is where I come in.

Your animal may be:
  • Hurt or sick
  • Unhappy, acting strangely, or behaving badly
  • Near the end of their life, or passed away
  • Newly adopted

Or you may be:
  • Moving, or experiencing a change in your life
  • Thinking about adding another animal to the family
  • Wondering if they are happy or need anything
  • Just wishing you could ask your animal questions…and hear their answers

An animal communicator is not a vet!
  • If your animal is sick you will first have to go to the vet. Only when the veterinarian has helped and or can't find anything wrong, you can contact me to help you and your animal.
  • I will never ever diagnose and say what's wrong with the animal in the form of an illness or a diagnosis. It’s also illegal for me to do that.
  • During the body scan, an animal can say "I have a pain in my abdomen on the right" and what the pain level is. But I will never go beyond that.
  • The animal will never self diagnose or prescribe medications. I can have an intuitive sense of what may help because I have experienced it with my own animals. But you always have to go to a vet for advise.
How does a consult work?
  • You have to fill in the Consult form, and send me a picture of your animal without any other animals or humans on it.
  • I will send you a confirmation email to tell you I received your application, with a few options when we can schedule our first appointment.
  • Before our first appointment I will make a character profile of your animal. In our first appointment you can verify if it's right or not. This way you immediately get confidence that I have contact with your animal. If this is not the case then I can refer you to another animal communicator.
  • We will first have a personal call via Skype / Facetime or phone. In this call we will discuss what you would like to know about your animal, whether there are any problems, and whether you have any further questions for your animal. You may also want your animal to know something, such as a new animal or a household move, for example. But there is also room for questions about animal communication.
  • After our call I will talk to your animal as soon as possible.
  • Then I will email you for a new appointment. I will also help you to find solutions for any problems.
  • .Two weeks after my communication with your animal I will again contact you to ask how it goes. Then you can tell me if there is any change or improvement visible.
Why do you not work like other animals communicators via e mails?

  • Speaking with an animal is something very personal, and contact via email just isn’t personal for me. If you go to a veterinarian or a behavioral specialist you wil also make an appointment to see them, or you call them.
  • I've noticed that people often read the answers too quickly and it may then be possible they misinterpret what I wrote. That is very unfortunate because then the animals and their humans will not benefit from it. Because of this there often remain questions. People often have a lot of questions, and emailing often takes more time than just talking. I just prefer it if people understand everything immediately and be able to ask questions if necessary.
How Does animal communication work?
  • Animal communication is a intuitive way of making contact with an animal. This is not woo woo and is something we all do in everyday life (unconsciously).
  • All animals speak this language, but from the moment we start speaking ourselves we unfortunately we forget how to do this ourselves.
  • The other problem is that we have 40000 thoughts daily, making it so busy in our heads that we are often unaware of our intuition. Animals never have this problem.
  • I consciously try to make my head as empty as possible so I do hear the thoughts, When I make contact with the animal I may suddenly smell things, feel, taste or hear things or I may suddenly see a picture in my head. It is up to me to interpret it as quickly as possible and translate it into something all humans can understand.
Are you doing visits?
  • Yes, but I will not go further than half an hour around Amstelveen. I do ask for travel expenses.
  • If you live too far away for me and still prefer live contact, you can also decide to come to me with a small animal.
Are there other things that you do except animal communication?
  • 2014, 2015 en 2016 - Workshop Healing for Animals with Margrit Coates.
  • 2015 - Weekend Workshop Healing and Body Balancing with Carol Gurney.
  • 2016 - Workshop Healing with Helen Davita.
  • 2016 - Six-day Workshop TTouch for small animals with Robyn Hood.
  • 2018 - Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification with Lisa Powers
  • 2018 - Herbal workshop for humans & animals with De Silverlinde
  • 2018 - Animal Hospice Foundations with Robyn Kesnow
  • 2019 - Reiki 1 bij Roberto Aiello & Franca Ballotti

  • I have been using Bach flower remedies for years with animals and people in my area.
How long does it take to communicate with my animal?
  • Once I have received your application, I will contact you within 24 hours to make an appointment for our first introduction call. After that conversation, I will communicate with your animal in that same week.