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Consult Request
II have stopped taking cases temporarily, for another animal communicator you can contact Claudia van Dort

I want as little information as possible, except what I ask for below. Don't worry if you forget some questions while filling in this form, we can add those questions during our first conversation.
A good clear picture of your animal is also very important to me. Make sure there are no people or other animals in this picture.

All questions with a * are mandatory, but if it’s not important for this consult you can write that down in the text field otherwise the form will not be send.

Your information

I prefer contact through
Please fill out the appropriate information below if you have chosen the Skype or FaceTime option.

Information about the animal

Number of years people had the animal.
Where did the family get the animal?
What is the reason you want me to communicate with your animal ?*
Please give me a very short description of the problems you have with the animal and write down the questions for him or her*
Choose a good clear picture of the animal (No humans or other animals should be in the picture)*
Choose picture*